Shoot Them Down!

Asashoryu has retired from sumo.

He might not be the best role model type, but he was one of the strongest ones in history. He brought more audience to sumo. Yes he might have been rude or childish in some way, but I felt that wasn’t necessary. I felt bad about him, but at the same time, I felt that maybe I kind of knew this was coming…. My God, we got so good at shooting people down!

Sumo world is very closed society, there are some strict rules and what people call “気品” (elegance) to protect. But it is not only in sumo. Remember that poor kid who was backpacking in middle east and got caught and murdered? All those politicians, business guys, and many many others? It seems to me that anyone makes one wrong move in public, other (media-driven) will hit them hard and eventually shooting them down.

Of course, there should be some consequences for evil-doers, but I often see people being shot down because of some mistakes. Don’t judge so soon… It is not constructive either. (well, this suddenly reminds me of Conan O’Brien!)

What I feel so wrong about this is the message it is sending out. Whether they mean this or not, message is clear; behave and follow the rule, otherwise you are going to REALLY pay for it.
Discouraging younger generation is worst mistake we can make. If conformity keeps its position, creative mind will have less chance here.

This is constant reminder to myself too, but probably it would make good message to younger people.

It is OK to be “KY” ! 🙂