Possibly Best Coffee Place in Japan? – Lexus Lounge

Coffee@Lexus Lounge

I might have discovered the best coffee place in Japan. Quiet, relaxing environment with decent coffee and service. They even got big screen TV, several news paper, and great couch.

Here is the catch.. You have to buy a Lexus.

If you buy a Lexus, you get this owner’s card, which is the key to this lounge. You can wait here while they check your car, or chat with your sales rep, or you can stop by just for a cup of coffee.

They have this lounge area, plus there are some private space for meeting too. They showed me inside; they got one LCD monitor, gorgeous meeting desk with 4-6 chairs, bright room with nice big window. I am sure they will serve some coffee and snack there.

I don’t really care about car, but today, I REALLY wished I were a Lexus owner…:)