Pomera DM5: Even simpler Pomera is coming!


Pomera is now even simpler!

I tried Pomera several occasion. Although concept is great, I never liked their keyboard (or keypad). But looking at the new simpler Pomera, I feel like I might just get one this time. (Well, I have this impulse every time I see new gadget!)

Considering that standard Pomera is now around 15,000yen, this simpler one will have to be cheaper than that. Maybe less than 10,000yen eventually. Then it can be really affordable. 

Since I am trying to write more now, Pomera would be very handy. Quick boot-up, long battery, and super-portability. I hope it will sync to PC or cloud somehow, but then it will kill the spirit of this gadget. Maybe swapping micro-SD card isn’t that bad. I can type probably 10 times faster than my handwriting. This would be great alternative for standard paper note.

The biggest drawback is its keyboard. Being a ThinkPad user, I have very high standard for keyboard. But considering the portability, it can never be that comfortable anyway, maybe Pomera’s keyboard is good enough.

Can’t wait to check it out in yamada denki next month…