How to Live Lightly – book by Yataro Matsuura

How one can simplify his life is one of my biggest life theme. It sounds so easy, but many find it so difficult. We are so obsessed with “more stuff”. I often find myself stuck in “more” mind-set, and each time, I had to remind myself: Life should be simple.

Karukunaru Ikikata (How to live lightly) by Yataro Matsuura is mainly about simplification of life. Simplicity does not just mean having less thing. It’s also about honesty, trust, friendship. It’s also about being aggressive in your action. It’s about attitude.

It is great time to live. We got the best selection of everything. Books, Movie, Music, TV, Food, Shops… But it is also so easy to get lost in there.. There is overload. Have you seen movie, “The Legend of 1900”? I didn’t get it first time I saw that movie, but now I know why he didn’t want to step out of that ship. Afraid of losing the simplicity. We don’t share that fear, because we were born into this complex world with overload. Maybe we should.

After all, this might not be the best time to be living. Not the easiest, at least.

Easy reading, nice essay. Might come back some time later.