Hagakure: Sashimi-Like Udon


Hagakure is Sanuki Udon restaurant, mainly in Osaka area. I visited Osaka yesterday, and I had this simple shoyu udon (Noodle with soy sauce) for lunch. I was expecting decent, good udon, but it was better than that. Poster in the restaurant says “sashimi-like udon”, which sounded weird first, but after tasting one, I must say that perfectly explains this udon. Noodle is so smooth that you almost don’t want to swallow. You think only soy sauce is too simple, but with lime, radish and green onion, it creates more complex taste. Of course, there are other kinds of udon available.

Picture above was taken from their homepage, but they actually serve food like this. Nothing like MacDonald where picture in menu and actual foods are completely different!

I often eat udon at Marukame Seimen which I am perfectly happy with, but Hagakure was also great. Hope they will come to Nagoya area some day.