Dual Currency Credit Card

I am a big fan of Sony Bank. I don’t like Sony products (well except game console), but I like their bank. I have three bank accounts, and Sony bank is where I “manage” my money. Especially if you want to buy foreign currency, Sony Bank is very easy to control, and its transaction fee is low. I also like their money management tool (called 人生通帳: Life Money Book), which aggregates most of your money info (credit cards, payments, other bank accounts, etc), and can map your in/out to calendar, which can even connect to Google calendar. Just one glance, you can get a big picture of what you have in total. It can also simulate your life plan, simulate conversion between different points service, and many other. I don’t (or can’t) use many of the feature, but I like it.

Another cool feature of Sony bank is their credit card, which I just applied.

What is so great about this card is that I can buy stuff both in Yen and US dollars. If I buy something in Japan, it will take from my JPY account, but if I buy something in US dollar, it will take directly from my USD account. Sweet! This is perfect for my US trip. Also, now I can order stuff from amazon.com with peace of mind. More DVDs coming to my home soon…

Well, all I want is USD function, and I don’t think I’m actually going to use it for shopping here, so dual function is really unnecessary, but again, having most of USD in Sony Bank, this card is really handy. If you have account in Sony Bank, and planning trip US area, including Guam, go get one!

By the way, annual fee is like 5000yen, but if you have over 10man JPY or something there are cash back. Free to try one.