Power of Simple Greeting

The first thing I liked about living in US was how people greet each other. When you see people in elevator, they greet each other. When you catch somebody’s eye, you always say hi. Maybe you may chat for a while. During holiday season, well, this greeting gets crazy. I loved it.

Japan is little different. When you go into elevator, people actually try to avoid eye contact. If you see neighbors, or somebody holds door for you, yeah you may say thanks or hello, but  basically never greet to stranger. We do have holiday season too, but people here seem to enjoy more privately. People are nice to people they know, but they don’t pay extra attention to strangers. People in US seem to enjoy as community.

I remember one day, I just got back from US, and I was riding bus. I said “Thank you” when I get off. The driver was little surprised, and he didn’t say anything. But I remember how he smile little bit. It was really subtle smile, but it was nice.

Another time, I was talking to some customer service in US. I don’t remember what company or product it was, but I believe I got what I wanted or something. I sent them thank you email. I got reply. It was simple one, something like “Thank you for your nice comment. It was nice way to end my Friday.” I was happy that my simple thank you email was doing some good, and at the same time, he made my day!

Simple “thank you” made whole a lot difference.

I am not very outgoing person, but rather shy type. Even so, I always greet people. I never miss chance to say “thank you”.

It is very simple gesture, but it makes me feel good. Maybe, who knows, one out of 100 people I say hello or thank you to, I am bringing that subtle smile I got in that bus. Maybe I am making their day.