Japanese Beef: Zabuton

While hunting for dinner last weekend, we were lucky to find this Japanese beef. This portion is called Zabuton (meaning “Cushion” in Japanese). This is very rare (you can only get a couple of kg from one whole cow), and very VERY delicious. What we got was beautifully marbled. Check this out!

Of course, you can go to Japanese yakiniku restaurant for zabuton, but probablly you have to go to one of those high end place. Plus, it usually not listed under standard menu, but under “specials”, so you have to be lucky to be able to order one.

It was so special, so I captured each moment. 🙂
Now, let’s eat.
First, do not cut the block. Just throw it onto yakiniku plate.
You have to cook all sides. This way, you can trap meat juice inside.

Once you cooked all sides, it’s time to slice them. This is the best moment. Zabuton is amazingly soft. You can cut like butter.

Now you cook uncooked side ,and you are ready. Seriously, at the first bite, my wife stopped breathing. Yes, that GOOD.