How to Plan Your Trip Online – An Idea

I love to travel.
Going to places, seeing new places and people are my thing.
True joy is, of course, in traveling itself, but planning is really fun to me.
I have fun planning for trip so much, that I even read travel guidebook for pleasure, without any actual plan.
We have Golden Week holiday coming up in April-May, and early planners are already moving for it. My travel agent (well, my wife) recently told me that there were some reasonable tickets to US. We talked with our google calendar, and decided to go to LA this year. ROAD TRIP 2010!
OK, here is how we usually plan our trip;
  1. decide where to go (DONE)
  2. reserve airplane (DONE)
  3. buy guidebook
  4. study guidebook (underlining, memoing, etc)
  5. research online (mostly blog)
  6. create rough schedule, route, etc
  7. reserve hotel, rentacar, etc
  8. buy stuff for trip
  9. off to vacation
Typically, after purchasing flight ticket, we go and buy guidebook. This year, instead of doing that, we have decided to be little more creative this time; make one ourselves.
One of my best memories from my school days is field trip.
I don’t know how they do in other country, but in Japan, teachers make this booklet (Schedule, Todo, Not-Todo, Rules, etc) for student. Now I don’t remember much about what I did and see during those field trips, but I do remember the excitement of getting that booklet.
I want to make adult version of it.
In my school days, all my teachers had was word processor and scissor.
But now it is 21st century. There are millions of cool tools on the Internet now, this would make a very exciting project.
I am going to keep up progress on this blog, and hopefully at the end of trip,
I will write up nice summary post.