Happy New Year!

It’s been 10 years since we had that YEAR 2000.
When Y2K shook the world, I was in some US university.
Looking back, I must say that was the days I really put my mind to.
I did not even make new year resolution back then.
It might be because I did not need to make one.
I was just living everyday.

10 years… Makes me feel a little older.
Now I’m in my 30s.
I hope this year would be the year of execution.

I am holding this big career change idea.
I am feeding it everyday since its birth. It is still vague and all,
but I am going to materialize it in some way this year.

I guess my family is slow starter.
Next weekend, we are having family meeting for 2010 plan.

My focus would be maintenance of my motivation, and habituation.

I was reading this Japanese boxing cartoon the other day, called “Hajime-no-Ippo”,
there is this trainer of the main character.
He gives this pep talk,

What you build up everyday makes you strong,
and vice versa!
What you build up everyday can make you weaker!
Do not just sit around and live your day.
Be aware of who you are (boxer) 24 hours a day.
Always think about what you need and spend your day for it.

-Chairman Kamogawa, from Hajime-no Ippo

Habituation can save our life, but can ruin our life as well.
The impact is stronger than most of us are aware of.

While I spend appreciating every single bit of my day, but at the same time,
I will spend my day in more meaningful way too,
so that everyday, I will move closer to who I want to be.

I believe it was Earl Nightingale, who said,

Success is progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Success is, in fact, only a thought away.

I wish 2010 would bring all the joy and happiness to all.

OK, 2010, Here I come!!